Yom Tov Atmosphere

Experience an ambiance enriched with the spirit of Yom Tov. The finest BaleiTefila, Shiurim, DafYomi, and stimulating, dynamic lectures for men, women and teens given by world-renowned rabbis, authors and lecturers will enhance and inspire your Yom Tov. A fully stocked shul, including machzorim for your convenience.Teenage learning and children’s programs with prizes. There will be Ashkenaz and Sefardminyonim.

The Entire Hotel will be Kosher for Pesach which will insure a true Yom Tov atmosphere.

Our seamless blend of Yom Tov atmosphere, luxurious hotel facilities, banquet productions and star-studded entertainment will please each of your discerning styles and tastes. We hope that you will decide to join us.